Example of authorization Letter


January 24, 2002

James Acuera
Acusta Group of company
211 Tenejero st., San Jose
California, USA

Dear Sir:

Your good office is hereby authorized to forward to our accounting office all the bills of (Name of guest), our honored guest of our company for his stay in your hotel.

It has been informed to immediately approve and pay any invoices from your hotel. We have placed a credit account in the amount of————-.

Should this account exceed this amount, please contact our office for approval in advance of any additional charges.

Thank you for your special consideration of this matter. If there may be required any assistance to this matter, please contact our office as necessary.

Yours very truly,
(Name and company, address)

Sample Of Congratulation Letter


(Name, Company, Address)

Dear Sir,

Today is the mark of your third anniversary as a member of the Go company. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for these past three years of your loyalty and good workmanship to the company.

I know that the growth and success of my company is largely dependent on having a strong and capable staff member, like you. Your contributions to the industry are very much appreciated.

I am hoping that you will remain with the company for many years to come and would like to offer my congratulations.

Truly yours,

Congratulation letter


(Name, Company, Address)

Dear Madam,

Congratulations on the opening of your new business. I know that every business requires a good ambiance, good quality of work and good communication skills and camaraderie in order to attract customers and become loyal to your business. May you achieve the goal of your business

Best wishes for your success!

Yours very truly,


Example Of Donation Letter

January 1, 2000

22 Tene st, Juan Luna
Orani, Bataan, Cuba

Dear Mr. Juan dela Cruz,

Our organization works towards a feeding program. This agenda is made possible by the generous support of people like you.

We are asking you today, to take a stand for the program by making a simple donation of [amount]. Your generosity is a great help to fulfill the program.

Thank you.



[Name, printed]
[Organization Name]

Letter of Interest Sample

January 29, 2007

Stanley Chua
Corporate Manager

City, State Zip

Dear Sir:

I am pleased to inform you of my desire to participate in your project Proposal.
I have collaborated to produce some preliminary plans that will energize the
project. As you know, I have proven track record in my place and I can
successfully transform the plan into reality.

Therefore, I look forward to considering my inputs as I develop a comprehensive,
integrated, final development plan.

Thank you for giving this opportunity.

Letter Of Interest

January 30, 1999

Job Title
City, State Zip

Dear Sir,
I am interested in _______ and I would like to inquire about positions at
_______ Company. Professional Leadership Program has been recommended to me as
one of most highly regarded ____________ training programs in the industry. I
would be interested in learning more about the company and about available

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in ________ from __________ University. My resume,
which is enclosed, contains additional information on my experience and skills.
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the __________ program with you
and to provide further information about my job status. I can be reached via
email at _______.com or to my phone#_____.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward for the interview
about this exciting opportunity.


Donation Letter Sample

February 12, 2001

(name, address)

Dear sir:

Today’s tough economic conditions make it difficult for (name of Organization) to meet those needs without help from people like you. I am writing to your business to donate an item or gift certificate for the charity.
This is the biggest fundraising event of the year for [organization name] and will take [ date] at [location]from [timeframe].

Benefits of Supporting [insert event name here]:
Your business will be recognized on all promotional materials, received by the organization. And your donation will also be acknowledged in the organization.

All contributions you make will positively impact our organization and to the people are in need of help. I will follow up with you to discuss your possible donation.

Thank you for your thoughtful and generous consideration of our request.


Example Of Apology Letter

December 24, 2008


Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that your order was delivered late because of inevitable circumstances. Please accept my apologies and let me assure you that our company otherwise has a favorable record of delivering by the exact date we specify.

I just hope the delay did not cause you much inconvenience. I really look forward to serving you again. Feel free to call me at (telephone #) if you have any concerns.

SanJa Bautista

Rejection letter sample

June 1, 2008
(Name, Company, Address)
Dear Sir,

I was impressed by your proposal presented but I regret that we are unable to accept your proposal because we are currently under the contract of Go Point of Sale for similar services.

Although I find the system in your proposal to be of high standard quality, I will be pleased to discuss the possibility of doing business in the future after the contract expires.

Thank you for your time and effort presenting your proposal and I wish you all the best in the future.

James Ajel

Rejection Letter

January 21, 2008
(Name, Company, Address)
Dear Sir,
I regret to inform you that your recent application for the Head of Nursing service was unsuccessful.

Although you met all of the mandatory minimum qualifications for the job position, the Interview Board preferred applicant that has more experience than you currently possess.

On behalf of E Medical hospital, I thank you for your interest and effort and wish you all the best in your future career endeavor.

Juan Dela Cuz