Job Application Letter


Antonio Pudol
122 Rizal Ave. Makati City
August 25, 2009

The General Maganer,
White Castle
211 Tenment, Old Port

Dear Sir,

In response to, your advertisement in the XWZ News today, I offer myself as one of the 7 candidates for the post of a supervisor, in your concern.

I graduate from the XYZ University with a high second class. After that, I obtained a diploma in garment manufacturing from the XYZ Institute of Garment Manufacturing Technology, Boston.
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The Art of Letter Writing

“The pen is the tongue of mind”.

Letter writing is an art. Since inception of writing, we have been using letters to convey our message. A letter is a warm blooded substitute for a personal visit. It should be written in a way that it touches the heart of the receiver and coveys the exact message and emotion of the sender. As such, the matter of the letter should be properly thought out. One should know the implied significance of the letter. A letter should have continuity, logic, emphasis and purpose. A letter looses its freshness and fascination, if an expression is misuses or abused. For an impressive letter writing breathe the personality into your letter. John B. Oplycke once remarked, “What makes a letter alive? What makes it breathe and pulsate? What makes us read a letter again and again? The answer is personality.”
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Acknowledgment Of Resignation

I want to share this example of acknowledgment of resignation letter for those who are seeking this type of business letter, this letter is very useful and helpful to companies.

Date: December 2, 2008

To: Miss Christine Pantig,

Please be informed that the undersigned hereby resigns as Senior Computer Programmer of the corporation effective upon acceptance.

On behalf of the corporation, please acknowledge acceptance of said resignation.

Very truly,

The resignation notice has been accepted according to the vote of the directors/stockholders of the corporation effective _, 20_.

For the corporation

Acknowledgement On Bid Request And Submission Of Project Proposal

January 21, 2000

[Company name]

Dear Sir:

It is our great gratitude for your request for our bid on [project].

This letter serves as an acknowledgement of our receipt of the said request and also to inform you that we will be submitting our proposal on or before [confirmation of deadline].

Very truly,

Example Of Rejection Letter

January 21, 1998

Juan dela Cruz
Lexorsoft Computer Enterprized
0202 Nowhere st. Dimahanap city
Philippines, 29008

Dear Sir,

I appreciate the time for the interview and thank you for the good offer of employment as Nurse in your hospital. But I decline your offer because I already accepted the position to the other establishment. The decision was not made easy as I do respect your firm that serves for many years.

Thank you for considering me for this position and I wish that you can find a candidate to fill the position.