Notice to the Shareholders of an Annual General Meeting

12th December, 20..

Dear Sir,

Notice is hereby given that the Seventeenth Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Florida Chemical Mills, Limited, will be held at the registered Office of the Company at 2 McLeod Road, Washington DC, on Saturday, the 10th June 20… at 4 p.m. to transact the following.

1. To announce the audited accounts including balance sheet for the period from 1st July, 2003 to 30th June, 2004.

2. To appoint a Director in place of Mr. John who died last month.

3. To approve auditors for the current year and to fix their fees.

4. To declare dividend.

The Share Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from the 4th June to 8th June.

You are required to attend the above meeting.

Yours faithfully,