Resignation Letter

Roxel Lamire

Lexorsoft Computers
Isit, Lapaz, Tarlac

January 21, 2008

Dear Ms. Lamire:

It is with great reluctance that I am submitting this letter as my notice of resignation effective (date).

I am very thankful for the rewarding employment I’ve had with your company thus, it really breaks my heart to come up with this kind of decision. There are just unfortunate circumstances that I need to consider and needs my full attendance.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Respectfully yours,
(Your Signature)

Juan Luna
Cc: (names of those being copied on this letter)

Aknowledge Resignation Sample Letter


Date: _

To: _


Please be advised that the undersigned hereby resigns as
_, of the corporation effective upon acceptance.
Please acknowledge acceptance of said resignation on
behalf of the corporation.

Very truly,


The foregoing has been accepted pursuant to vote of the directors/stockholders of the corporation effective _, 19_.

For the corporation

Acceptance of Resignation Letter Sample

December 21, 2008

Dear Mr. Magalpoc,

It is with deep regret, that we accept your resignation
as     System Analyst   of the   Lexor Group of company.

We can appreciate the demands that this position has placed
on you, and appreciate all of the fine contributions you
have made as  System analyst.


Roger Ricafort
Team Leader
IT Department