Acknowledgement On Bid Request And Submission Of Project Proposal

January 21, 2000

[Company name]

Dear Sir:

It is our great gratitude for your request for our bid on [project].

This letter serves as an acknowledgement of our receipt of the said request and also to inform you that we will be submitting our proposal on or before [confirmation of deadline].

Very truly,

Proposal Letter Sample


April 3, 2009

Amazing Computers Enterprised
768 Capitol Drive, San Jose
Balanga city

Dear Mr. Roger de Guzman:

In reverence to your valuable time I would like to get straight to the point and express our deep apology for what happened last time.
The purchase order that we received from you last (date) clearly stated (number) cases and it is our error regarding the shipment of the product.
However, please be informed that to make up with the said mistake, there are two options available at this time. The first one is that, you can opt to keep the merchandise and we will just bill you thirty days from now. The second one is that, we will do our best to have it picked up at your loading dock and then issue a credit to you.
I will greatly appreciate it if you will let me know your preference between the two. We will ensure that this type of error will occur again.
Please let me know if you need assistance regarding this one. Feel free to call me and I will be glad to help you.
Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours truly,
Eireen Tinao
232 Tenement St., Abulog
Samal, Bataan

Counter Proposal Acceptance

January 30, 1973

Dear Miss Christine Santos:

Your counter proposal on the above referenced project
has been reviewed and is acceptable in its entirety.

We are enclosing an executed copy of the agreement along
with two copies for your files.

We are enthusiastically looking forward to this project
and are pleased about having the opportunity to work