Example Of Rejection Letter

January 21, 1998

Juan dela Cruz
Lexorsoft Computer Enterprized
0202 Nowhere st. Dimahanap city
Philippines, 29008

Dear Sir,

I appreciate the time for the interview and thank you for the good offer of employment as Nurse in your hospital. But I decline your offer because I already accepted the position to the other establishment. The decision was not made easy as I do respect your firm that serves for many years.

Thank you for considering me for this position and I wish that you can find a candidate to fill the position.


Rejection letter sample

June 1, 2008
(Name, Company, Address)
Dear Sir,

I was impressed by your proposal presented but I regret that we are unable to accept your proposal because we are currently under the contract of Go Point of Sale for similar services.

Although I find the system in your proposal to be of high standard quality, I will be pleased to discuss the possibility of doing business in the future after the contract expires.

Thank you for your time and effort presenting your proposal and I wish you all the best in the future.

James Ajel

Rejection Letter

January 21, 2008
(Name, Company, Address)
Dear Sir,
I regret to inform you that your recent application for the Head of Nursing service was unsuccessful.

Although you met all of the mandatory minimum qualifications for the job position, the Interview Board preferred applicant that has more experience than you currently possess.

On behalf of E Medical hospital, I thank you for your interest and effort and wish you all the best in your future career endeavor.

Juan Dela Cuz